S55 Foam disinfector

With a smart adjustment of our S55 AIRMIXer the spray robot can be used for desinfection with foam in greenhouses. This makes our spray robot an interesting option for fighting stubborn viruses.

This adjustment of our S55 spray robot was developed in corporation with Menno Chemie Vertrieb from Germany, well known for its succesful treatment of viruses.

The S55 AIRMIXer is equipped with an extra hose reel for high pressed air placed above the hose reel for water.  The robot has become a bit higher, but is still 30cm wide. The spray robot uses pre-mixed air and liquid to get a strong and focused foam.

The adjustment for foam disinfection is optional. It can easily be disconnected so that the spray robot can be used for normal crop spraying.

S55 Schuimdesinfector

videoS55 Foam disinfector