This spray robot has an AIRMIXer: a combined air/liquid spray mast. On this AIRMIXer spray mast air and liquid are mixed under pressure in special mixing chambers. In this way you get a very strong spray mist that goes far into the crop. In order to supply the spray robot with air there is an extra reel on top of the reel for the liquid supply.  As the photo shows the spray robot has become a little higher. The small width (30 cm) and smooth outside of the S55 remained the same.

The combined air/liquid spray technique was developed over 10 years ago. Until now it has been used especially in ‘hard to spray’ crops like roses and gerberas. This spray technique should not be confused with spraying with air support. Main difference is that the AIRMIXer already mixes air and liquid before it leaves the nozzle, so you get a strong and focused mist. By adding air pressure to the liquid pressure the drops get a high speed at a relatively low liquid pressure (kinetic energy) which makes them move through the crop without too much air movement. Spraying with air support on the other hand means that airflow supports the spraying mist. 130626 Foto's Spuitrobot (9) - laag res

Benefits of air/liquid spray technique (AIRMIXer):

  • very strong penetration in the crop;
  • drop measure and liquid release are easily adjustable;
  • very effective crop protection;
  • less spraying;
  • saving crop protection appliance.

While developing the S55 with AIRMIXer spray mast we specifically meant to keep the total system light weight and affordable.