Electric Hose Reel product information

Wanjet R4 is a motor driven hose reel especially developed for use in greenhouses.

Remote controlled
The remote control is handled by a spray gun or a valve at the end of the hose. The spray gun or valve can be of any conventional type. There are two different options to remote control the hose reel.

1. By a quick pull (less than 1 second) on the spray gun’s trigger the reel starts / stops;

2. As long as the trigger on the spray gun is pulled or the valve is open, the hose reel pulls
in the hose.

Adjustable speed
The speed is adjustable between 30-60 m/min. The unit adjusts the speed when the hose builds up on the hose reel by slowing down the revolutions/min. When initially starting up the total hose length and diameter of the hose must be set on the control box.

The unit will automatically stop if the hose becomes ”locked”. The pulling speed will automatically go down when the end of the hose is around 3 m from the hose reel and stops automatically when the hose is completely pulled in.

The frame is made of stainless steel and the hose reel is made of stainless steel and aluminum. The shaft of the reel and the swivel are made of
stainless steel.

Technical data
– Power 300 W
– Voltage 24 VDC
– Transformer available from 400 VAC 2-phases-24VDC
– Speed 30-60 m/min
– Weight 36 kg
– Hose capacity example:
– 3/8” outside diameter 14,5 mm, weight 105 g/m max. 120 m
– 1/2” outside diameter 18,5, weight 155 g/m max. 85 m


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